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Autism and More Bogus Research

Autism and more bogus research: an illuminating article from It exposes PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and their use of incomplete and spurious data to attempt to establish a link between dairy products and autism.

I’m nonplussed by the fact these witch hunts persist. I wonder if PETA understands the potential long-term implications of this sort of nonsense on their reputation?

Russia Is Moving Treasuries

I fail to understand how western powers have much cachet when it comes to demanding that Russian-speaking people should be prevented from democratically deciding their own fates. But, in the midst of threatened economic sanctions, it looks like Russia is moving Treasuries offshore.

If Russia decides to support the Ruble by dumping U.S. debt, it could be the start of a colossal meltdown in Treasuries.

British Crown Gives Long Overdue Pardon to Alan Turing

The British crown gives long overdue pardon to Alan Turing, posthumously, for his “crime” of homosexuality. Turing was one of the most gifted mathematicians of the 20th century, and was instrumental in break Nazi codes — giving the allies major advantages against the Nazis. He is considered by many to be the father of modern computers.

For his contributions, the British government committed the atrocity of chemically castrating Turing, which led him to commit suicide in 1954.

Enemies of Genetically Modified Foods Go Rogue

Enemies of genetically modified foods go rogue after a GMO (genetically modified organism) bill is defeated in Washington state. Read this great coverage from Forbes Magazine.

When is this hysterical witch hunt going to end? Genetically modified foods increase crop yields, reduced the need for pesticides, and help fight global starvation. Beyond that, Darwinian natural selection has been genetically modifying organisms for hundreds of millions of years!

PBS Documentary Series About DNA

On YouTube, this is a PBS documentary series about DNA.

It is in five parts (this link is part one). It is easily the most comprehensive, understandable, thorough presentation on the subject I’ve ever seen.

I highly recommend it.

The Myth of Isolationism

The Myth of Isolationism: A country’s unwillingness to engage in foreign wars does not make it “isolationist.” The Swiss economy is hardly “isolated.”

The Meticulous and Resolute Absurdity of the Religious Credo

The meticulous and resolute absurdity of the religious credo:

If you believe, it is because you have naively applied a faith that requires no evidence or confirmation.

If you do not believe, it can only be because you obstinately refuse to accept the dubiousness of faith without evidence (and you will burn in hell for eternity).

Heads I win, tails you lose.

Rejecting Religion is Terrifying

It isn’t surprising that believers entrench. Rejecting religion is terrifying. It means losing old networks: relationships, churches, and possibly even jobs. After years of nurturing these environments, it is no longer just about questioning faith; acceding to rationality and reason could very well become an issue of losing everything.