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Gödel and the Proof of God

Gödel and the Proof of GodIn 1931, Kurt Gödel introduced his Incompleteness Theorem to the world, and established that any system cannot be proven to be true using only its own content as premises — that is to say, it must rely on at least one external component for its validity. Likewise, that external component also cannot be proven to be true, intrinsically. The theorem is, essentially, a mathematical expression of the famous liar’s paradox:

This sentence is false.

Regardless of the point of origin, the riddle cannot be solved. Read On…

Humanity Needs Easy Mathematical Communication

Humanity Needs Easy Mathematical CommunicationI watched a documentary about Stephen Hawking recently, and one of the most striking things about this amazing man is the fact that for decades, he has only been able to communicate at four words per minute. As I watched his story, I began to think about the history of written communication. And just as quickly, I began to think about how difficult it must be for someone like Stephen Hawking to impart formulas in a computational context. It occurred to me how much humanity needs easy mathematical communication. Read On…