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The Disease of Dogmatism

The Disease of DogmatismRarely have I struggled the way I do when I am confronted by the disease of dogmatism. It is, I believe, the greatest impediment to the growth of human knowledge — and to the betterment of mankind. It is a conundrum that has become less complicated over the centuries, but the continued slow rate of its exodus from our collective ethos troubles me deeply. Read On…

Negotiating with the Reptile Brain: the Neurological Basis of Fear

Negotiating with the Reptile Brain: the Neurological Basis of FearI have a passionate fascination with the human brain, with good reason — it has been called by innumerable experts the most complex mechanism in our universe. And I am convinced this is true.*

If my descriptions and observations are a little inaccurate, I beg your forgiveness early; I am not a neurologist or a neuro-scientist of any sort. So I feel obligated as usual, to disclaim any interpretations of authority that derive from this article. My zealous curiosity has simply gotten the best of me… again. And, of course, I eagerly welcome any corrections.

I borrow this analogy: the human brain is like a house that has been continuously improved and expanded over time. Read On…