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For Texas to Secede

Texas to Secede

UPDATE: This article was not written in support of Rick Perry, and I’m somewhat surprised at having to be explicit about that. I decry polarization, and as such, I am neither a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian, nor a Socialist — nor do I belong to any other party. I adhere to the Austrian school of economic thought, and I hold a Popperian epistemological view of the universe. And I am a native Texan.

Texas Governor Rick Perry took a prodigious amount of criticism for his brave statements not long ago — in which he intimated his support for the movement for Texas to secede. I applauded his words then, and redouble my admiration now. Read On…

The Information Age and the End of the United States of America

The Information Age and the End of the United States of AmericaYou are losing your rights.

You probably don’t believe it… you’ve heard it all before. And yet everything has turned out okay, hasn’t it? And this time it will be the same… as long as “okay” means a failing currency, hyperinflation, a systematic destruction of the middle class, and the end of the United States’ role as the world’s preeminent financial power — and, indeed, its role as a sovereign nation. And yet, like it or not, we are facing the end of the United States of America.

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