Solve MALM TIUM TIUM and win $10,000

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solve malm tium tiumSolve MALM TIUM TIUM and win $10,000. The arguments appear on the last page of my book Discipline.

Here are the rules:

1. No more clues after this.

2. There are two other people (besides me) who know what MALM TIUM TIUM means. If you get it right, and you post it a public forum that I will see, they will see it too, and they will hold me to my word. When I say “public forum that I will see,” I assume you understand that means one of my sites. That would be the safest, and most obvious place to post.

3. You can ask anyone except me (see rule 1, above). You can ask physics professors, mathematicians, linguists, historians, neurologists, sociologists, biologists… whoever.

4. If you come up with an answer that could be correct but isn’t, you won’t be rewarded. For instance, if you engineer an algorithm that transforms MALM TIUM TIUM into  “I love Jesus” from Aramaic to English, I will be impressed. But you won’t get $10,000. Because that’s not the answer. So don’t bother forcing a solution from some incongruent, malformed theory. There is only one answer. It’s elegant and beautiful.

5. The complete solution lies within the pages of Discipline.

6. It has nothing to do with David Hilbert (but maybe it should).

Good luck.

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