The Most Beautiful Thing in the Universe, Again

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The Most Beautiful Thing in the UniverseTMBTITU (also known as my daughter, The Most Beautiful Thing in the Universe) will be home in 37 hours, 33 minutes, and 57 seconds — at the culmination of her spring break. Here is a list of things that will happen at that point in time:

  1. Hanging upside down.
  2. Getting called “The Most Beautiful Thing in the Universe.” A lot.
  3. Getting tickled. A lot.
  4. Singing the “Monkeese” song.
  5. Chasing Papa around the house.
  6. Getting chased by Papa around the house.
  7. Getting chased by Grampa around the house.
  8. Telling Grampa “It’s a shame you’re not from Texas.”
  9. Eating “mustachios.” (Pistachios)
  10. Going on bike rides.
  11. Going on runs.
  12. Watching Dora and Boots. (Papa has protested this and lost).
  13. Tickling.
  14. Having candid conversations about the number of monsters who are afraid to enter homestead due to abject fear of “Papa.”
  15. Hanging upside down.
  16. Tickling.

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