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Paco Ahlgren

In July 2007, Paco Ahlgren published his first novel, Discipline. The book has won several prestigious awards — including the Eric Hoffer Award — and is slated to become a major motion picture, for release in 2014. Discipline is a science fiction thriller, drawing significant parallels between the fields of quantum physics, finance, economics, and eastern philosophy. It has been translated into several languages — including French, Polish, and Turkish.

Paco holds a degree in finance, although he is also an accomplished web developer, designer, and programmer. He is considered an Austrian economist and has worked primary as a financial analyst for twenty years. His expertise ranges from stocks, options, and futures, to interest rates and real estate. He founded a value-based hedge fund in 1998, outperforming the S&P 500 for seven of the eight years of the fund’s existence — a feat accomplished by fewer than 5% of all money managers in the world during the same period. He has spent the last two decades studying quantum physics and its implications on modern scientific, economic, financial, and psychological theories.

Paco lives with his daughter in Austin, Texas.

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Kirk Holden

Kirk is a native Austinite who does not like to speak in the third person. I am an Electrical Engineering degree (BSEE UT class of ’79) and the proud father of three terrific young men. I designed several microprocessors and built an internet neuron for the Rough Beast of the Technium for 30 years. I enjoy reading, swimming, bicycling and running. My turn on’s are pretty standard. My turn-offs are people who think that Kuhn and Popper completely disagree with each other and insincere people that are, like completely dishonest about their resentments and hang-ups. When I write blog posts I like to imagine that everyone is reading them naked in a public place.

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