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Socratic Arts, Inc    (Contract Consultant)   Austin, TX   12/2011 to Present

Project Manager / Content Developer

"Socratic Arts employs a unique design and development methodology to build programs that help people learn. We help clients look at training and educational needs from a different perspective, asking what employees need to learn how to do as opposed to asking what they need to know. Workplace skills and common mistakes are our focus not the transmission of information."

Responsibilities and Achievements:

ICF International    (Contract Consultant)   Austin, TX    06/2010 to 01/2012

Financial Analyst | Business Analyst | Systems Analyst

"ICFI is a global professional services firm that partners with government and commercial clients to deliver consulting services and technology solutions in energy and climate change; environment and infrastructure; health, human services, and social programs; and homeland security and defense markets."

Responsibilities and Achievements:    Austin, TX     03/1996 to Present

Senior Programmer & Developer | Systems Administrator | Designer

Design Originate is a development/design operation specializing exclusively in short, medium, or long-term contracts. From custom design, to development, to security frameworks, Design Originate handles stand-alone issues for a limited group of high-end web clients.

Responsibilities and Achievements:

The Copernican, LLC    Austin, TX     03/2005 to 02/2006

Senior Developer and Research Analyst

The Copernican, LLC, is a financial / real estate holding and management company. It specializes in the acquisition and administration of two primary portfolios:

Responsibilities and Achievements:

The Popperian Group, LP    Austin, TX     01/1996 to 01/2005

Sys-Admin | Developer | Financial (Research) Analyst

The Popperian Group, LP was a hedge fund whose objective was a value approach to equity and conservative derivative investing.

Responsibilities and Achievements:

Continental Securities    Austin, TX     10/1991 to 06/1995

Sys-Admin | Junior Analyst / Trader / Project Manager

Continental Securities was a derivatives trading and forecasting firm that managed hundreds of millions of dollars of individual portfolios for its clients.

Responsibilities and Achievements:

Seeking Alpha Financial Website    Austin, TX     12/2008 to 09/2011


Seeking Alpha is a global syndicated financial / economic news provider with an estimated readership of 4 million (Google Analytics).

Responsibilities and Achievements:

Discipline    Austin, TX     01/2001 to Present


Discipline is a philosophical, financial, economic science fiction thriller published by Greenleaf Book Group Press in 2007 with multiple translations and global distribution.

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Fluent: Spanish / English

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